Somewhere outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.


    The Waters of Milford Sound photos by Alastair Temple

    Photog: Behance / DeviantArt

    Meee photos….


    In the studio recording our Capital EP. Photos by Alastair Temple (

    The Luminarium release their 23rd exhibit Kibernetik:

    In our 23rd exhibit, we have explored the cybernetic & cyberpunk universes and our take on the idea of a Kibernetik future. With over 30 pieces our artists have approached the theme in a variety of ways and each presented their own unique visions of the Cyberpunk environment by creating stunning pieces about computer systems, mechanical structures, symbiotic biological & cognitive organisms. This exhibition presents a crossing between advanced technological surroundings and post-apocalyptic worlds. The Luminarium presents Kibernetik.

    Featured pieces are as follows:

    Hail to the Lord of Shadows - Sebastian Hue

    D.R.O.N. - Maxime des Touches

    Urban Intervention Mech - Vincent Lefevre

    The Purge - Najeeb Najjar

    Transcendence - Julian Faylona

    Check out the whole thing here:

    Interview with artist Kate Temple



    On a crisp January morning I caught up with Kate Temple at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to take a look at her latest exhibition which kicks off ‘TANK’, a programme of exhibitions shown in the street level gallery at ESW in Newhaven. Here Kate has installed works made in various mediums,…

    Aly speaking to my sister about her work. :)

    Castle Hill, New Zealand.

    Photography by Alastair Temple